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Burn Baby Burn 180104

Outshow: Jim Freund (Steeleye Span - Sails of Silver)

And I will set my sails of silver and sail towards the sun
And you false love will weep for me
When I am gone, when I am gone, when I am gone

Inshow: Lister Hewan-Lowe (2Black 2Strong - Burn Baby Burn)

[Rap] When I'm dead the last words on my lips will be
I am a ...
You gonna have to say I am a proletariat

That's why they put the red white and blue on you

[Burn Baby Burn] The red white and blue
I am not Captain America
2 Black 2 Strong

The American dream, a nightmare
I want the people to wake up

2Black, 2strong, 2red 2dread

That's why the red white and blue
Must burn baby burn

Rolling Music

Pablo Moses (A Song)

A song, your song, yeah

Some may consider it happily
While to some very grieving
Now others might just not go with it
And some find the true meaning
But always it will remain a song
Maybe a little too long
Maybe a little too short
But a song, yeah, from my heart

Geoffrey Chong producing Pablo Moses, A Song, the title track from the Album A Song.

99.5 FM WBAI
Burn Baby Burn! Hey, there is gonna be a bomb stout attack, tsunami style, hitting North Carolina as we speak.
Ten minutes after 3 o'clock [AM] in New York City, y'all!

Black Uhuru / Michael Rose (Eye Market)

.. Always in hot water over other people business
Never minding you own
Running from home to home

Ah say you eyes are your market
Inna you own cocoa fat basket
A say you eyes, but you noh see
Inna natty culture, cocoa fat basket

Is not everything you hear good to talk
Careless people always live in wrought
At times you hear them holla an bawl
(Lord Oh!)
... going to the morgue

One of the best tunes that Michael Rose has ever done with Black Uhuru, sounds called Eye Market. Ai yah! Ai yah!

Aswad (Inna You Rights)

Ina your rights, can never be wrong
In every man heart, the truth must be strong
So in every day, in every way, children
I know Jah won't forsake thee, no!
I know Jah won't forsake thee, no!
Children, Jah won't forsake thee, no!
No, Jah won't forsake thee, oh no!

Aswad (I need your Love)

I need your love more than just an hour
I need your love more than just a day, baby
So hold me close my love will never falter
I need your love, each and every day
And now the time has come for us to join together
I hope and I pray we'll see a better day
Won't you open up your heart and let me in
This feeling in my heart we can last for a lifetime

Sade (Sweetest Taboo)

Ah, I love you so! Girl!
You give me, you give me the sweetest taboo
You give me, you're giving me the sweetest taboo
Too good for me
There's a quiet storm
And it never felt like this before
There's a quiet storm
That is you
There's a quiet storm
And it never felt this hot before
You giving me something that's taboo

Linton Kwesi Johnson (Lorraine)

Whenever it rains I think of you
And I always remember that day in May
When I saw you walking in the rain
I know not what it was nor why
For usually I'm quite shy
I asked you your name
You smiled and said "Lorraine"
I asked if I could share your umbrella
You smiled and said " What a cheeky likkle fella"
Now I am standing in the rain in pain Lorraine
Hoping to see you again
Tears fall from mi heyes like rain, Lorraine
A terrible pain in mi brain, Lorraine
You driving me insane!
Whenever it rains I think of you
And I always remember that day in May
You driving me insane! Lorraine, Lorraine, Lorraine

99 Cinco!. Lister live, right here, until you say when, right Lorraine!. Yeah, LKJ in the USA

Benjamain Zephanaiah (Me Love me Mudder - Us an Dem)

I love me mudder an me mudder love me.
We come so far from over de sea,
We hear dat de streets were paved wid gold
Sometime it hot sometime it cold,
I love me mudder an me mudder love me
We try fi live in harmony
Well you may call her Valerie
But to me she is my mummy
I love me mudder an me mudder love me.
We come so far from over de sea,
We hear dat de streets were paved wid gold
Sometime it hot sometime it cold,
I love her and she love me

[fade to dub, instrumental]

Dedicated to all mothers whose eyes pulped and bore us.

Bob Marley and the Wailers (Johnny was a Good Man - Rastaman Vibration)

Woman hold her head and cry
Cause her son had been shot down in the street and died
From a stray bullet
Just because of the system
Woman hold her head and cry
Explaining to her was a passerby
Who saw the woman cry
Wondering how can she work it out
Comforting her I was passing by
She complained and she cried
Johnny was a good man
Johnny was a good good good good good good man
She cried

Joss Stone (Love Me)

Love me from your heart
Love me from your soul
Take me as the one you chose
Promise you my eyes, put your lips on my kiss

WizKid Feat Drake (Come Closer)[Explict]

Yeah Yeah Yeahh
Baby come closer
Girl your got that ting I know
You got the body I know
You make me sing I know

Konshens (Turn Me On)[Explict]

Baby T
Turn me on, turn me on
Turn me on, turn me on

Konshens (Bruk Off You Back)[Explict]

Come whine till you
Bruk off you back
Bruk off you back
You Bruck off, you bruk off, you bruck off you back gal

Major Lazer Feat. Party Next Door Niki Minaj (Run Up)[Explict]

And every time you hit my phone, when you say you need company, oh
Im'a run up on you

99 Cinco Lister Live right here, Burn Baby Burn. We are going to burn the imperialist red white and blue to ashes before five o'clock and if it won't burn we gonna drop it inna acid y'all.
Happy New Year!

99 Cinco. Clappers! Lister live every Thursday. Your weekend starts here. But guess what obaminah shanala la bam bam snow tsunami coming your way on the east coast. Its in North Carolina and bwoy, it wicked me a tell yah. This winter is something else. This winter a something else, you know what a mean, something else. Now for the original disc

Prince Buster (Wreck a Buddy) [Explict]

Billie Holiday (My Man)

My man don't love me
He treats me oh so mean
My man don't love me
He treats me awful mean
He is the lowest man that I've ever seen
Love is like a faucet

WBAI 99.5 FM. New York. WBAI.ORG. Two minutes after 4 o'clock [AM]. Its going be a bomb bomb bomb type tsunami happening already on the east coast, North Carolina coming all the way up to New York, Long Island.

Stay tuned for live interviews with David Katz (London), Lloyd D'Aguillar (Jamaica)and Dom Debar.

Cambridge Mass, Happy New Year to you!

John Brown's Body (Make Your Move)

Make your move today
Don't slip up as you follow
So keep your cool
You got the power to set fire
So don't miscalculate
Make your move today

Amy Winehouse (Monkey Man)

I never saw you
I only heard of you
Huggin up a big monkey man
Its your life
Now I know that, now I understand

Lister Mixx
[Riddim (Drum and Bass), Dub instrumental]

Talk Time

99 Cinco. WBAI.ORG around the planet, not just the planet, around the entire universe.

LH: And you're on. David Katz, Good morning. How are you feeling. First, I would like to wish you a very happy 2018

DK: Happy New Year to you too Lister and all the listeners.

LH: Its good to hear your voice. Whats the latest in London England? I heard that Jeremy Corbin was acting up. The Brexit thing looks like it is backfiring. What's going on politically in England.

DK: Well you've got Tony Blair coming out of the wood works.

LH: What!

DK: Tony Blair, former prime minister and leader of the labor party, stating that Labor's stance on Brexit is too timid and Labor should call for a second referendum because the people have a right to change their mind about leaving the European union, especially because the terms of the agreement were not made clear when the votes were made. You had a rebuttal by former conservative party cabinet member, chancellor of the exchequer, Norman Lamont, says that Tony Blair is trying to sabotage Brexit. Interesting to hear these views coming from these moribund politicians. Although everything Tony Blair is saying about Brexit is completely logical and makes perfect sense, he himself as a politician has lost so much credibility ever since those magic words "weapons of mass destruction" left his lips about justification for invading Iraq.

LH: Now quickly since we don't have much time with you. Talk about the tensions as Cameroon cracks down on anglophone activists, dozens die, hundreds jailed in unrest uprising after calls for English to be used in the regional schools in the Cameroons. A prominent activist lawyer, Ajibo Ncongo, will face the death penalty for his part in organizing peaceful demonstrations. This is an action on the part of the Cameroonian government to squash discontent from its English speaking region.

DK: The unrest in the Cameroons is a legacy of colonial history where you had the Brits doing their thing. There are regions in the Cameroon with an English speaking majority, but overall, this group is a minority.

LH: All political prisoners will be freed in Ethiopia to widen democratic space in that country.

DK: Ethiopia seems to be undergoing a process of modernization and liberalization to a degree. The government has recognized the Rastafari community in Shashamane and allowing them a sort of green card status for the first time in history. That diaspora from the Caribbean and other places have lived there for decades with neither status or citizenship. The legalization of this group is an indicator of a certain amount of modernization that is taking place in Ethiopia.

LH: Automation is taking hold in Britain at the risk of loss of minimal wage jobs.

DK: This is a global trend

LH: Institute of fiscal studies Note the automation at the Canadian border.

DK: Increasing automation in customs, even in Jamaica at Norman Manley airport.

LH: Lloyd D'Aguillar was talking about invasive ID, including DNA sampling. Appreciate being with you.

DK: Let's continue that discussion when LLoyd D'Aguillar is available and we have more concrete information.

Lister Mixx
[Riddim (Drum and Bass), Dub instrumental]
[Station ID and time]

DD: I am busy tracking the political storm. CIA attempted uprising in Iran fizzled out. Fallout from the Jerusalem thing. There is a lot going on.

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Aswad Ina Your RightsAswadNew ChapterInna You RightsColumbia Legacy US
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Sade Sweetest TabooSadeLovers LiveSweetest TabooEpic
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