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Saturday's a Party 07202019

Ninety Six Degrees in the Shade ... Nudist Beach ... Bad Decisions

Cool and CalmIsrael VibrationStrength of My Life (1988)

This is the original Roots Radics, the great Flabba Holt. You know sey dem bad. Cool and Calm, Lister dey yah!

Taking it cool and calm and a so we a gwaan

Chrissie, Carl's best friend, this is for you!

Cool and calm, taking it cool and calm
And a so we a rock and a gwaan
Taking it cool and calm

Rude Boy Shufflin Israel VibrationFalling Angels (1997)

This one straight to a guy bumboclaat head!!!!
Want come treat I rejectedly
Bout I man too culturally. No want I pon MTV
And think say you done with me
Rudeboy shufflin. Back-way with you muffling
Rudeboy skanking
Me did deh deh when them cork up Tubby's
Me did deh deh when them jam up Arrow's
Sir George and Emperor Faith

Three Babylon AswadShowcase (1981)

Puff She Puff Black Uhuru Red (1981)

Puff she puff
No bother puff 'pon Rasta
Tough she tough
No bother puff 'pon Rasta
She just a puff
She jus' a puff 'pon Rasta

Avocado Jah 9 New Name

Avocado mi love di avocado
Sweet collie draw mi love di sweet collie draw
Right remedy him have di right remedy

Happiness Black Uhuru Sinsemilla

What I'm a longing for is some happiness

Happiness is when you share dat love wit one another

Black Magic Woman Ziah (2019)

Whoa ... Seen ..
While I was moving in the moonlight
I found her standing in the corner
All alone
... She flicked her wrist and pulled me close to her
Then I heard the sweetest reggae melody
Telepathically she says to me
She just wants to dance
My black magic woman
Underneath the moonlight
Never have I felt quite like this
I'm under your spell ...

Pine & GingerAmindi K. Fro$t, Tesselated & Valleyz (2017)

Me ah drink pine and ginger
Him want me fi wine pon di ting and me nuh play that
Him have the rum inna the sorrel
Guess him ah drink away him sorrow
I guess him nuh care bout tomorrow
Everybody’s coping
Whether drinking, whether smoking
Whether writing down a song
Pen and paper to the open
Me ah drink pine and ginger

Rapture (Remix) Koffee Featuring Govana (2019)

Koffee come in like a rapture
An everybody get capture
Place lift up like helicopter
When dem see de lyrical doctor
Oh yes, a so we grind right now
Koffee wid de primetime flow

96 Degrees in the ShadeThird World Prisoner In the Street (1980)

96 degrees in the shade
Real hot in the shade
Some may suffer and some may burn
But I know that one day my people will learn
As sure as the sun shines, way up in the sky
Today I stand here a victim, the truth is I'll never die

NegativityRSNYThe Journey Begins (2018)

When negativity is knocking at your door
I said you don't have to answer now
Good vibes are fi sure
An they not going to spoil it now

Mad WomanJean Binta Breeze

De fus time dem tek mi go a Bellevue
Was fi de doctor and de landlord operate fi tek de radio outa mi head
A de same night de DJ fly up inna me head An me hear de DJ a play seh
Eh, Eh no feel no way
Mi wan't go a country fi go look mango

Think Wise (Black Bird Riddim by Carl Kay)Sizzla

Just One of Those Days Sizzla Da Real Thing (2002)

Why does it have to be this way?
Can't tell you go, can't tell you to stay
Just one of those days

Skin Sycorah(2016)

Baby hold me
Control me
Show me what you've got

Don't stop
Don't stop
Ooh boy cause I like it like that
My love takes you high
Places you've never been
Now baby please
Just relax
And watch me float deep beneath your skin

Yeah! Lister on the radio, 90.1 FM. Sorry I didn't get here on time. It was the LI, Long Island Railroad. You know how it go, three planes, three trains and three buses; but mi deh yah. Wizzy! thanks for sitting in for the one Lister, who was on the nudist side of Kismet Beach all day; more than 96 degrees in the shade.

Whey you a say! Lick it back from the top

Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Look who is in the studio. Hello!! Que pasa? Como se va?

[PH]: Muy bien.

Wha' gwan? You done de tune yet? Talk to me. You gotta come closer to the mike because we are not in the old studio now.

[PH]: Yes. I finish the single and the second CD, the LGBT Pride

You ready to drop it on 90.1 FM, 107 FM next week?

[PH]: Definitely.

Now, you have to let the radio audience know who is on the air

[PH]: You are listening to Pakene Hakim.

So, you are heading to Washington, DC, now?

[PH]: Next weekend, when the CD is done

Thanks for coming sown to the studio, when it is 96 degrees in the shade, on the nudist side of the beach. A so we do it. Say hello to Sterling. See you!


Mix me Lister, mix me. Produce me Lister, produce me.

We are listener sponsored, non commercial radio, stationed right here on Strong Island, playing all the island music on a day like today. Remember, lots of fluid. Lots of water!. Either drink the water or go in the water. Seriously, stay cool with WUSB 107.3 FM, 90.1 FM, around the planet Mars.

Whitey On the MoonGill Scott Heron The Revolution Begins

We have a poem here, it's called "Whitey On The Moon"
It was inspired by some whiteys on the moon
So I wanna give credit where credit is due

Talking about the moon, whitey is still on the moon, fifty years ago and fifty years from now.

Was all that money I made last year
For whitey on the moon?
How come I ain't got no money here?
Hmm! Whitey's on the moon
Y'know I just 'bout had my fill
Of whitey on the moon
I think I'll send these doctor bills
Airmail special
To whitey on the moon

Fifty years after whitey has been on the moon, we are still doing the same thing. There are people in the imperialist USA, who have no formal health care, nowhere to live and no reasonable or affordable housing (ATTN: NYC HPD), in a country like this. Bad decisions. Bad results. There are no winners under capitalism.

Heaven Ready Fi De FeelingJah 9 (2018)

The mind can be you' greatest foe
When do not know
What’s lurking over you' shoulder

Are you ready for the feeling of overthrowing the system?

We Ready fi di feeling now
We never gonna be let down no
We Ready fi go seal it now
And It’s heaven when get it
And wheel it out now

Stardust Gentleman's Dub ClubLost In Space

Stardust, rushing through my bloodstream
I wanna get higher
Stardust, rushing through my bloodstream
I wanna go faster
Stardust, rushing through my bloodstream
I wanna get higher
Stardust, rushing through my bloodstream
I found myself lost in space

Psychedelic Kingdom SeeedNew Dubby Conquerors

Psychedelic kingdom come
Da wicked them a run run run
Psychedelic kings and queens
Join me in this one-love dream

Its a PityTanya StephensGangsta Blues (2006)

I say, it is such a pity, you already have yuh wife
And me done a one man inna mi life
Rude boy, it is a pity

Cry Out WM 2010Delle (2010)

Cry Out, stomp your feet, hand inna di air
Freak Out, Pon di Beat, police don't care
Mis she steam out, feel the heat, fire everywhere,
An now move yow, shake your meat, gonna love it, I swear.
Beam me up Scotty, into the spot
Where the sweat is dripping from the ceiling [Ceiling]

Listen up! Drink the water! Go in the water and stay in the water! Stay cool, while listening to 90.1 FM WUSB, 107.3 FM, on Strong Island and on the beach.

This is Lister, thanking you, muchas gracias, for allowing me to intrude on your solitude. Adiosito! Same time, same place, for Saturday's a Party, on the beach, on the planet earth, on the moon and throughout the universe.