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Saturday's a Party 05252019

Guns of BrixtonJimmy CliffRebirth

When they kick out your front door
How you gonna come?

Person knocks on my door, then your door, then your next door neighbor’s door. They take me away, they take you away and then they take your next door neighbor away. This is why you gotta fight back. Don’t take it like that. Don’t be no victim of democracy. Democracy is illegal in imperialist USA. Guns of Brixton!

You can crush us
But you'll have to answer to
Oh-the guns of Brixton

Harder They Come Jimmy CliffUltimate Collection

Elizabeth Warren and Pete Buttigieg, that is the ticket and this is the tune for the ticket. Pete Buttigieg and Elizabeth Warren this is how you fight back. The democratic party has no credibility. You listening to me? This is the ticket and this is the tune for the ticket.

So as sure as the sun will shine
I'm gonna get my share now, what's mine
And then the harder they come
The harder they fall, one and all

Fite Dem Back Linton Kwesi JohnsonIndependent Intavenshun

LKJ: This is a number I wrote during the 70’s when fascism was on the rise once again. Not only in England, but over Europe and in the twenty first century, things haven’t changed. Fight dem back!

Fashist on di attack
Noh baddah worry 'bout dat
Fashist on di attack
Wi wi' fite dem back

Boris Johnson is like fifteen Trumps wrapped up together. Trump heads to London for collusion with Boris Johnson. Theresa Mayhem, oh what a mayhem. Now that she is gone Boris Johnson is in charge. It is a disaster. El Trumpo heads to London England. Big demonstrations against El Trumpo and Boris Johnson. Boris Johnson is horrible. Wrapped up with Trump, you just don’t know how bad that combination is. Exit Brexit. Exit Brexit fascist. We gotta fight them back. This is spreading all over Europe and the world. All over the imperialist USA. We can win this. Come on!

fashist on di attack
Den wi countah-attack
Fashist on di attack
Den wi drive dem back

EvolutionaryNatalli Rize Feat. Dre Island & Jah 9Rebel Frequency

Revolution is the evolution of our consciousness
Our minds

Roots and Culture Mikey DreadPrime of Mikey Dread

Don't forget your roots and culture
Remember your place of shelter
'Cause if you deal with war, man, you can't run far

Inglan Is a Bitch Linton Kwesi JohnsonIndependent Intavenshun

Inglan is a bitch
Dere's no escapin it

England is a bitch. Let me tell you how bitchy England is. The first plantocracy was in Ireland. That’s how bitchy England was. Let me tell you how ridiculous England is. Brexit. Exit Brexit. Boris Johnson, most fascist pig in the world. Do you know who is Boris Johnson? Boris Johnson don’t give a damn about Ireland. Boris Johnson is going to pull off what El Trumpo pulled off with Iran. The Good Friday Agreement is down the drain. IRA from JA are going to be on the streets fighting back Boris Johnson. Boris Johnson is going to take this Titanic called Britain down to hell.

Listen to me! In the streets of London, England, there will be rioting and fighting, because of Boris Johnson and what he will do to England. They won’t get no food to eat. No regard for Ireland, the IRA from JA. This is a mess. And to top it off, guess who is coming to England? Guess who is coming to dinner in England? El Trumpo, El Trumpo, El Trump po po po po po … El Trumpo, El Trumpo, El Trump po po po po po … and Boris Johnson.

England is a bitch. It was Theresa Mayhem, when England was in trouble, she went down to the West Indies, to Trinidad, to Jamaica, to Barbados, all those people, jack up all those people, bringing them over here to help fight this GD war. When it was all over, Theresa Mayhem lined them up and kicked them out of the country, just like El Trumpo. What goes around comes around. Titanic shifting these chairs. Damn Boris Johnson.

LKJ is right and super left. Right when he said Inglan is a bitch, Inglan is a bitch fi true. Inglan don’t give a damn about Ireland. IRA from JA, we got to fight this disaster, Boris Johnson. If England had paid reparation to the Irish people on the first plantation they would not be on the Titanic. Even better, paid reparation to all the slaves who built the European economy, England wouldn't be on the Titanic, just like the imperialist USA. Reparations now, or else!

Inglan is a bitch
Dere's no runnin' whey fram it

Butcher's Apron Wolfe TonesAnthology of Irish Songs

Boris Johnson is the butcher from England.

Where is the flag of England? Go North, South, East or West.
Wherever there's wealth to plunder or land to be possessed.
Wherever there's feeble races to frighten, coerce or scare.
You'll find the butcher's apron, the English flag is there!

England Be Nice Ini KamozeStatement

England be nice! The government is facing the prospect of being sued by EU citizens in the UK who were denied from voting. I told you that democracy is not legal. John Halford, public law specialist at Bindman’s LLP, said "this week’s electoral fiasco was something a democracy should not tolerate", under no circumstances. Halford: “The right to vote is the basis of all citizenship rights.” Citizens in the UK and British nationals were systematically denied a vote in the European parliament elections. This is so sad. They will bring in Boris Johnson. This is so bad. Boris Johnson. You don’t know how bad Boris Johnson is. You think you have it bad in America, wait until Boris Johnson takes over England.

England, just be nice
England, big on the ice

Get Back The BeatlesLet It Be

Get back, get back, get back! Get back Boris Johnson! Get back you fascist pig!

Wonderful World Beautiful People Jimmy CliffUltimate

Who Say Mi Done? Cutty RanksLimb By Limb

Wait deh man
A who dat a come
Wait deh man
Oonoo t'ink mi did done

Murder She Wrote Chaka Demus & PliersSly Robbie Dancehall

Here Comes the Hotstepper Ini KamozeIni Kamoze

Here comes the hotstepper (murderer)
I'm the lyrical gangster (murderer)
Big up di crew ina di area (murderer)
Still love you like that (murderer)

Murderer Barrington LevyToo Experienced: Best of Barrington Levy

Tell them already, we have to tell them again
Dem a murderer

Dem a murderer! Yeah! Yeah! In London, England its gonna be a different place after the sixteenth of the month,next year, no this year. What am I talking about? Listen to me. When Boris Johnson takes over from Theresa Mayhem, you will see mayhem. The Britishers, the English people, they will say “We’ve been tricked. We are victims of democracy. We can’t take this anymore”. Then they will call for the IRA from JA. Then the IRA from over Ireland is gonna be up and kicking ass. You know why? Because England has no respect for the Good Friday agreement. Just as the imperialist USA has no respect for a signed agreement with Iran. Listen to me! Listen to this! Dem a murderer! Trouble you a trouble me!

Trouble You a Trouble Me Ini KamozeIni Kamoze

World A Music Ini KamozeIni Kamoze

Welcome to Jamrock Damian Marley

Yeah! El Trumpo is heading to Britain, where there will be a big demonstration against El Trumpo and his sidekick poodle, Boris Johnson. On the streets they call it murder.

Poor people ah dead at random
Political vi'lence, cyaan done
To win election dem trick we
Then dem don't do no ting at all
Welcome to Jamrock
Out in the street, they call it murder

Last War Beres HammondZap Pow

Welcome to London. It’s going to look like the last war, when Boris Johnson takes over from Theresa Mayhem. It’s gonna be a massive, massive disaster. The Titanic called Great Britain, shifting and shuffling those chairs, just like the imperialist USA. Boris Johnson go to hell!

If the democratic party had any political credibility, that party would have used Last War for the ticket. Pete Buttigieg, Elizabeth Warren, that is the ticket, or maybe it is a combination of Warren and Bernie Sanders. Last War, this is the tune for the ticket. Burn baby Burn. Bernie Sanders, are you listening? Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, this must be the tune for the ticket. Push back against El Trumpo. Bernie Sanders be a real socialist. This is the tune for the ticket.

It's time for us to join our hands and hearts
And our minds and souls in this last war

Last War – Julian Chin is responsible for ripping off this riddim track, which became Welcome to Jamrock. But before that, this riddim was Ini Kamoze. This Zap Pow release was first aired on WUSB, in the Norm Prusslin studio. We played the hell out of this record when it was first released. No radio station was playing this, only 90.1 FM.

It is exactly 1 minute to 2 o'clock on 90.1 FM, WUSB. You are tuned to 90.1 FM in Stony Rony Brook, Strong Island. WUSB 107.3 FM in Stony Brook. W297BM in Stony Brook and WUSB.FM. Broadcast, not just around the planet earth but around the entire black hole and the universe.

Lister says 90.1 FM was the first to play this record, long before Collie Budz and Shabba Ranks go pon it. Who's got the weed? My Canadian breakfast, not to be mixed up with my Manhattan breakfast and not be mixed up, NOT TO BE MIXED UP with my Jamaican breakfast. Who's got the weed?

Come Around Collie Budz

Where is my spliff? Bu'n it! Bu'n it! Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, this is the ticket.

When dem a go realize,
Government dem a terrorize,
Corporation dem a capitalize,
While the farmer man a beg a little bligh,

Green Fyakin

The MarijuanaJah 9

And the nation relying on de Marijuana
If a one t'ing Jamaica lead the way
With Rastafari save the day
While the government tell lie pon de Marijuana
So It up to I and I to free the Marijuana
One drop a Ganja oil a day
Keeps the doctor away
Three drops a ganja oil a day
It keeps the cancer a bay

Legalize It Peter ToshThe Best of Peter Tosh

Legalize it
And don't criticize it
Doctors smoke it
Nurses smoke it
Judges smoke it
Even the lawyer do

Madness Prince BusterI Feel the Spirit

Madness, madness
They call it madness
Madness, madness
I call it gladness

El Trumpo is running for re-election. This is El Trumpo’s song. I am above the law and I am King and they call it Madness. Madness, El Trumpo’s political theme song. Folks, who are victims of democracy, will vote for him again, voting against their best interest. It will be worse than taxes. Yes! What a disaster! El Trumpo says he won’t be the one who sufferers? Do you know why? He takes advantage of victims of democracy. El Trumpo is above the law.

Well if this is madness
Man I know I'm filled with gladness
It's gonna be rougher
It's gonna be tougher
And I won't be the one who's gonna suffer

King of Kings Prince BusterSka Rocksteady Collection 8

When El Trumpo is re-elected, he will be singing this song. From the beginning he was created king.

Lion says I am king because I am strong
Lion says, I am king and I reign
Lion says, I am king in this range
No more kings must be in this backyard ...
From the beginning, created king

Hard Man Fi Dead Prince Buster

These are the two songs for El Trumpo’s campaign, King of Kings and Hard Man Fi Dead.

You pick 'im up, you lick 'im down
'im bounce right back,
What a 'ard man fe dead!

This is a true story. Karlene Hewan-Lowe told me that Bustamante was the original El Trumpo. It is true. This song [Hard Man Fi Dead] is about both of them. Bustamante was the first prime minister of Jamaica, when Jamaica got independence from the butcher state, Britain. Yes, he was the original El Trumpo. Thank you Melody Brown for your selection. Wicked tune! Yeah!

Them seh, the cat's got a nine life
But this man got ninety-nine life

Broadcasting on 90.1 FM, WUSB. Lister on the radio

In Hell I'll be in Good company The Dead SouthGood company

Dedicated to Theresa Chambers and the boys. Life in Britain will become worse than life in the USA.

Rehab The Jolly boysGreat Expectations

They tried to make me go to rehab but i said 'no, no, no'

No! No! No!. this song is the sound of Nancy Pelosi trying to send El Trumpo to rehab because he is losing his mind. El Trumpo says “No! No! No!" Have you ever seen El Trumpo on the Jimmy Kimmel show? Doing this song? This is how El Trumpo sounds. Are you ready for this? I am doing El Trumpo on the Jimmy Kimmel show. Blah … blah … blah … No! No! No!. So we have El Trumpo on the case and on the run.

Corruption Eruption Haile Unlikely

Here are some announcements. Haile Unlikely will be playing on the 31st of May, right here in Strong Island at the Black Forest Brew Haus, 5:30 pm in the afternoon, 2015 New Highway, Farmingdale. You are graciously invited to come and dance. Haile Unlikely is one of the hardest working reggae bands on Strong Island.

So What Dee Snider

Middle fingers in the air! So what! We don’t fracken care! We can win this. Lister says abortion on demand with no apologies. Push back time for this imperialist American Sharia law declaring nuclear war on a woman’s vagina. Middle finger in the air!

Black Magic Woman Ziah

Throne Koffee

Dollnald Trummp Perfect Giddimani Feat. Steven Dajure

And one more thing ... About those immigrants who died in ICE custody ...

Think Wise (Blackbird Riddim by City Kay) Sizzla

Guess Who Tarrus Riley Feat. Mykal Rose

Don of Dons (Remix) Mykal Rose, Ultimate Rejects & Blu Fire

Waiting to fade to Gabe ... [Gabe's Flight. Hosted by Gabe Romero featuring the best of the latest in Afro-Cuban music]….

Burn Baby Burn 2Black 2Strong MMG

How We Gonna Make the Black Nation Rise Brother D with Collective Effort

Fade … Fade to Gabe [Gabe's Flight. Hosted by Gabe Romero featuring the best of the latest in Afro-Cuban music]….