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Saturday's a Party 04202019

Gilet Jaune ... 420 Weekend ... Marijuana

PSA (Public Service Announcement) Rory StoneLove and Tara Harrison (2018)

... You will never take my rights away from me
Time to get loud
Ah never lost a battle and I won't start now
Public service announcement on you' TV
Mek dem know say you nah back out
You haffi mek a plan, tek a stan'
Tek it in you owna han'
What is right could never be wrong
Public service announcement on you' radio
Tell dem righteousness is not a fool
Manners an' respect is a step forward
I will never lose

HeavenJah 9(2018)

We Ready fi di feeling now
We never gonna be let down no
We Ready fi go seal it now
And It’s heaven when get it
And wheel it out now

My RevolutionIakopo(2018)

They wanna keep our minds locked in a small box
They don’t want unity they want us all fighting
Blindness to the game got us all divided
We should rise ina riot
This could start a movement
Spark a revolution
Don’t see no change in me
Just wait and see my Revolution.
Ring, ring the alarm
Ring, ring the alarm
Say you a rebel from born
Ready for the revolution

The dictatorship of the proletariat's on the streets of France, gilet jaunes. Gilet jaunes say what a disgrace in Paris, France. $1.3 billion in less than 48 hours for some imperialist symbol of oppression; the working class, the middle class. It burned to the ground and the disgusting, blood sucking capitalist rich came up with $1.3 billion (USD), just like that. Yes, the proletariat's six week strike on the streets of France. Doing the right thing. The dictatorship of the proletariats hits the streets right now in France. Listen up! Its coming to America Leonard Cohen. Lister, Leonard Cohen says democracy is coming to imperialist USA. Democracy is illegal. Lister says the dictatorship of the proletariat revolution happening on the streets of Paris, France is coming to imperialist USA. Its a new day. We can win this in such a way that we don't go back to this anti-woman, anti-blood sucking capitalist piggish system that hates the workers. We will never see the workers own the means of production. The whole thing is rigged. There are no winners under capitalism. Repeat that por favor in Español. That is why six months more in the streets of France. The dictatorship of the proletariat say the hell with the rich. We say Burn Baby Burn.

Ring, ring the alarm
Ring, ring the alarm
Say you a rebel from born
Ready for the revolution

RevolutionBob Marley and the WailersNatty Dread

It takes a revolution (revolution) to make a solution
Too much confusion (aaa-aaah), so much frustration, eh
I don't want to live in the park (live in the park)
Can't trust no shadows after dark (shadows after dark), yeah
So, my friend, I wish that you could see
Like a bird in the tree, the prisoners must be free, yeah (free)

Dedicated to the gilet jaune of France. It takes a gilet jaune to start a revolution.

At exactly five minutes after 1 o'clock you are tuned to 90.1 FM, WUSB, 103.7 FM in Stony Brook. W297BM. WUSB. At this time. Michelle Fix and Lister would like you to pick up the telephone, call 631 632 90.1FM and give as much as you can to keep this radio station going. Listen why ...

RevolutionBob Marley and the WailersNatty Dread

Kill, cramp and paralyze all weak at conception
Wipe them out of creation (creation), yeah! (creation)

Arising (for the Youth of Azania*) Jean Binta BreezeWord Sounds have Power. Dub Sounds and Dub
* Azania

An dem shatter it
An we warn all de forces of opression
Dat we, de yout' a go fight
Wha fi come haffi come
No bother sen' we no toy gun from Santa
For we fighting wid de real t'ing on yah
Dem put we to de test and dem fin' we nah jest
For we fighting wid de real ting on yah

Independant Intavenshun Linton Kwesi Johnson Independent Intavenshum: The Island Anthology

Mek dem gwan
Now it calm
But a we who haffi really ride de storm
What a cheek
Dem t'ink we meek
An' we can' speak up fe we self

What a cheek
Dem t'ink we weak
An we can' stan' up pon we feet

Mek dem gwan for now it calm. What is happening in France is going to come to imperialist USA. Yep. Eventually, the proletariats on the street, taking it back.

This just in for your dancing pleasure. Haile Unlikely rides again. Black Forest Brew Haus, 2015 New Highway in Farmingdale, Strong Island. That is Haile Unlikely on the dance floor, July 19, Friday, 5:30 PM.

Us an DemBenjamin ZephanaiahUs an Dem

Us an' dem
When will this t'ing ever end
Is us an' dem
You mus' know you enemy from you frien'

Us and dem in the streets of France.

Rong Radio StationBenjamin ZephanaiahNaked

I have been listening to the rong radio station
I was beginning to believe that I couldn't trust myself
I wanted to arrest myself
... Globalization will bring salvation
I have been listening to the rong radio station

GreenFyakin Nyle Banks Music Group (2018)

Watch me now dread
We gonna get up and stan' up because dis is a ganja calling
Too bad, too bad, for you nevah smoke weed from a morning
Well, Listen up! Dis is a general warning
See what I mean
Gimme de green, yah mi green
Take a sip and watch it jus' a work in
Lawd a feel you, like me jus' a thirteen

Legalize ItPeter ToshScrolls Of The Prophet: The Best Of Peter Tosh

Legalize it
Don't criticize it
Legalize it, yeah, yeah
And I will advertise it
It's good for the flu
Good for asthma
Good for tuberculosis
Even umara composis

Good for asthma and imperialist USA too. 420 weekend baby. One of the greatest things about imperialist USA is that their constitution was written on ganja paper. The mistake they made was to create a republic of the United States of America. In this land, where democracy is not legal, weed is still struggling to be legal. Legalize it!

Ganja TeaKeidaEbb and Flow

Gimme de light, gimme de light, gimme de lighta
What you know bout grow up pon ganja tea
Not no Lipton, no Earl Grey no Tetley
Not no cerasee, we talking sensi
Whey you haffie pluck off de stalk offa de tree
... don't drink it fast
Drink it slowly

Now this 420 weekend has to start with the Jamaican breakfast, which is not to be mixed up with the Canadian breakfast or the Manhattan breakfast with the ganja tea.

Listen up! We are playing the best 420 weekend tunes ever invented.

Marijuana Kim Nain Deal Wid It

You boy standing by de corner
A puff you marijuana
Won’t u dance with me tonight

Highest Grade Inna Vision

Dedicated to all the ganja smokers, all the ganja farmers and international legalizers

Dem wanna lock off the highest grade
Dem no wan' consciousness in our head
Lock off the highest grade
So they can sell all the pills and the meds
Lock off the highest grade
Well, ganja is the answer, what else help with cancer
Highest grade
Free, a di earth stabilizer

KontrabandKabaka Pyramid

I am way up
Kontraband, is it the master plan
Kontraband, it taking up the farmer's land
Kontraband, how it pass the border scan
Kontraband, an end up in you daughter hand
Kontraband, now what's in that recipe
Kontraband, that's giving me stress relief
Kontraband, sell more than rice an' peas
Kontraband, feel so good to me

Police in Helicopter John Holt

Soldier in the herb field, burnin' the collie weed
Police in helicopter, a search fi marijuana
Police man in the streets, searching fi collie weed
Soldiers in the field, burnin' the collie weed
But if you continue to burn up the herbs, we gonna burn down the cane fields

SinsemillaBlack Uhuru

I've got a stalk of sinsemilla
Growing in my back yard
Don't cut down the collie tree
Cause it makes the best tea for me
And the doctor says it gives naturally
One thing this doctor will need
A lot of food
To survive and go to in Babylon

Guess Who? Tarrus Riley featuring Mykal rose (Phrenchi 2018)

Coming for the food, I-man no come yah so fi play
Guess who's coming to dinner...
Yeah, everywhere in the world, everybody need food
Badman fire
Guess who's coming to dinner...
Every ghetto youth, weh you plan fi shoot?

420, 420, guess who is coming to dinner at exactly three minutes to 2:00 PM? WUSB 107 FM, not just around the planet earth, but around the entire universe.
WUSB FM 631-632-6901.
We need six more calls at the hundred dollar level to get us off this mark

Guess who is coming to dinner? Mykalita Rose, Tarrus Riley. 90.1 FM. Kibret bust this first, right here at 90.1 FM, your favorite reggae station. Don't let us have to stop the music. Call 631-632-90.1FM. Do you want to have some music that you can dial your fingers to? Better yet, go to WUSB.FM, CLICK, CLICK CLICK. KCHING! $$$$. Get onto the website. You will see where they have all these premiums, the mug, the bag, the hat, the T-Shirt. All this stuf is probably made from hemp. Call 631-632-6 90.1 FM. Four twenty weekend, right here at WUSB as we fund raise to keep this radio station going. Sixty-six degrees on the nudist side of Kismet Beach

High Grade Gentleman's Dub Club

Geronimo, this is for you and your partner.

If the truth be told I'm a sucker for the high grade, if the truth be told
When I'm grey and old will I still be getting involved
I hope so…

Who plays more 420 tunes on the radio than Lister. Let the truth be smoked.

Listen up! Listen up! Take it from the top, 420 style at the Black Forest Brew Haus, 2015 New Highway, Farmingdale. The highway, marijuana way, Haile Unlikely , July 19. Let the truth be told. when I get my walker, it will be made from marijuana. Where is my marijuana walker? Political madness! Imperialist USA! It is an election year and they still won't legalize democracy. They treat it like how they tree how they treat weed. The federal government says it is not legal. Suffolk County is ridiculous for automatically opting out.The governor of the state of New York says it is legal. What kind of democracy is that? They don't know what they are talking about. My walker is made from marijuana. Let the truth be told! Free the weed y'all! Suffolk county, free the weed! Nassau county free the ganja weed y"all. Let the truth be told. Lister is a sucker for the marijuana.

High Grade Tony Curtis Strictly The Best Vol. 30

since you want to know what to do on 420 week end, you can go to Quattro Love reggae band, Wizzy's band, playing at the Greenport Harboor Brewing, 42155 Rt 25, Peconic, NY. That is this afternoon, 6:00 pm start, spend it with Wizzy and the band, Quattro Band. A reggae band serving up hard core stuff. Now that you are in the mood, have some rub-a-dub fun. If you are going to this gig tonight, get your WUSB sweatshirt, the mug and the hat. the mug is good for the ganja tea. the hat is good to keep your head steady in this political climate. Call 631-632-6 90.1FM. At the $100 level we would like pledges from two or more persons. Let the phones ring y'all. Mao Tse-tung (Zedong) says "let a hundred flowers blossom". If Mao Tse-tung (Zedong) was alive today he would say let a million buds bloom on this 420 weekend. WUSB, your political super PAC to watch your high grade back, around the universe and the black hole. It's a 420 weekend y'all. Lister ... High Grade is going to my head. they will not legalize it because they know I'll reap a profit. 420 multiplied by a thousand, all wrapped into one. Don't forget the Quattro band, 6:00 pm sharp at Peconic, NY. High grade y'all.

Free the burning bushes

High grade is going through my head
An that is the reason my eyes are turning red
Its going through my head
Every time I get a spliff, I get a w'iff
I have to have it
I need high grade

Guns of Brixton Jimmy cliff Rebirth

Fell in love with this song. Then The clash made it bigger than that. Five more callers needed. Financially challenged? Do this scam off the backs of the democracy of the USA.

You can crush us
You can bruise us
But you'll have to answer too
Oh, Guns of Brixton

Treat the Youths Right Jimmy cliff We all are one: the Best of Jimmy Cliff

420 gilet jaune weekend, dictatorship of the proletariats, are active all over France. Three billion they refused to pay the workers.

Treat the youths right
Instead of giving us a fight
Treat the youths right
Or you'll been playin' with dynamite

The Harder They come Jimmy cliff Ultimate collection

So as sure as the sun will shine
I'm gonna get my share now, what's mine
And then the harder they come
The harder they fall, one and all

Wonderful world Beautiful PeopleJimmy cliff Ultimate Collection

Wonderful world, beautiful people
Take a look at the world
And the state that it's in today
I am sure you'll agree
We all could make it a better way
With our love, put together
Everybody learn to love each other

Who Say Me done Cutty Ranks Limb by Limb

Wait Deh man
A who dat a come
Wait Deh man
Oonoo t'ink mi did done

Con Calma Daddy Yankee featuring Snow

Tu Pum Pum El General Estas Buena

Ice Cream LoveShabba Ranks featuring Patra

Inna Babylon, band of the welders, will appear at Mr. Fadeley's Pub on May 15.

007 A Fantasy Bond theme Barry Adamson Soul Murder

Madness Prince Buster Feel The Spirit

Madness, madness
They call it madness
Madness, madness
They call it madness
It is plain to see
That is what they mean to me
I call it gladness

Have you seen El Trumpo? El Trumpo is wanted by the International Court. Take me to your leader.

Harlem Barber Swing Jazzinuf

The Man From Jamaica Tito Puente and his orchestra Tito Puente: The Complete 78's

Celebrating Tito Puente's birthday 420 style. Get out and enjoy yourself 420 style.