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Pablo Moses ... David Katz - Politics and Music

[FADE OUT] Sails of SilverSteeleye SpanSails of Silver

And I will set my sails of silver and sail towards the sun
And you false love will weep for me
When I am gone, when I am gone, when I am gone

[FADE IN] Burn Baby Burn2 black 2 strong MMG featuring Chuck D Burn Baby Burn (Clappers Records 1990))

2 Black, 2 strong, 2 red 2 dread

That's why the red white and blue
Must burn baby burn

Five minutes after 3 o'clock, Burn Baby Burn . You have no choice but to name the show for the show Burn Baby Burn Clappers, right here at 99 cinco. Lister Live1 99.5, right here. I had a wonderful weekend with the great Habte Selassie. Habte came all the way out to 99 cinc0, no 90.1 FM out in Stony Brook and spent the whole day on the radio. It was more than a fantasy and a pleasure. It was just one hell of a great experience. Habte Selassie, thank you! This one is for you.

Music is My Desire Pablo Moses A Song

Music is my desire, it set my heart on fire
Music is my desire, it's what I require now
... But believe me brother
Never try to be what someone else wants you to be
Or you will always find yourself living in misery

99 cinco! Taking it from the top. Dedicating this to Mikey Chung and his brother, a recording engineer and producer, Geoffrey Chung. Mikey "Mao" Chung on guitar and his brother Geoffrey Chung,producer and arrangement, on bass. I ran into Mikey chung at my favorite supermarket. I said Mikey, I miss you big time.The great Geoffrey Chung is the producer of Steel Pulse and the great Pablo Moses. He actually discovered Pablo Moses. More Pablo Moses coming up right after this.

Reggae Fever Steel Pulse Caught You

Habte Selassie says that Steel Pulse is the greatest reggae band ever, when David Hinds was with The Pulse and The Pulse was on the pulse of the masses. Geoffrey Chung was the mixer for this track on the album, Caught You .

A reggae music sends me in a fever
My blood pressure high
Yet I don't want no doctor

A Step Before Hell Pablo Moses Pave the Way + Dub

Boom you dead now
A step before hell, many have felt

Mikey Chung helping out on guitar and Geoffrey Chung, producer for Pablo Moses

99 cinco, playing all the music that is refused to be aired on radios in im imperialist USA.
Geoffrey Chung, one of the most unappreciated and forgotten producers in the history of reggae music. Geoffrey took the music in a direction it had never been in. He produced Ijah Man, Steel Pulse, this track taht you are listening to. Each time he went in the studio he took his brother Mikey "Mao" Chung., who lives right here in New York city. Mikey is the guitarist without whom Peter Tosh refused to perform. Remember that video with Mick Jagger and Peter Tosh, (You Gotta Walk) and Don't Look Back ? "Mao" Chung, lead guitar, was in the middle of that.

Harassment Steel Pulse Caught You

90 minutes after 3 o"clock. Burn Baby Burn. Vinette Pryce, this is for you

Roots Roots
... Harassment is the mark of the beast in the struggle
Captured by command of corrupted law
Not to be released till they beat I raw
We'll fight 'till last
Roots Roots
Got to overthrow the struggle

If they can do it in Hong Kong, we can do it in imperialist USA. We have no choice but to overthrow this capitalist system permanently.

When Lister was running Island records, Mikey chung came on the 39th floor, 44 Madison Avenue. A wha you sey? this is your kind of tune Lister. You ain't got no choice, you got to overthrow this imperialist capitalist system permanently in such a way that wee don't go back to harassment.

Words of Wisdom Dennis Brown

Live up, live up, now now, live up
Never give up righteousness!
Words of wisdom, words of wisdom
Words of wisdom I hold to

Drug SquadSteel Pulse

Drug Squad Ain't got nothing to declare
A hound dog was released from his chains
He sniffed me all over
Dem had me in a corner
Stripped to my birthday suit
Drug Squad cop shop
I blew it they knew it
How did they find I wonder
I wonder
My ganja
How did they find out

Produced and mixed by Geoffrey Chung.

Straw Dub Pablo Moses Pave the Way + Dub

Lets talk, I can't take it anymore
Let's talk and settle this score
Let's talk, I shoulda done this before

Caught You Dancing Steel Pulse Caught You

You hypnotized me

The music that you dancing to
The music that you dancing to

My lovely yes you've tricked me
My lovely you disowned me
The music that you dancing to

Dubbing is a Must Pablo Moses Reggae Live Sessions Vol 4

Dubbing is a must
to enjoy reggae music

Eena Mi Corner Jean binta Breeze

Breathe in, breathe out
Breathing easy, y'all
Mi haffi ... mi haffii ... mi haffi check out
Ascanning ... ascanning ... ascanninng eena mi corner

Testament Jean binta Breeze

... Sing girl, I want you to sing
For there is so much more to you than the color of your skin
Mi apron was a canvas
Holdin greases from rubbing down all you bodies and cooking plenty greens
I used to smell it before I roll it up and took it to the laundry

You are tuned to radio station WBAI, 90.1 FM, WBAI dot oh-r-gy. Fifty-five minutes after 4 o'clock. Burn Baby Burn. Out here at 99 cinco on a Thursday morning. Burn Baby Burn. Habte Selassie follows right after Midnight Ravers.

Mad Woman Jean Binta Breeze

Haitian Divorce Steely Dan The Royal Scam

Babs and Clean Willer were so in love
Soon everybody knew the thing was dead
He shouts, she bites, they wrangle through the night
Oh - no hesitation
No tears and no hearts breakin'
No remorse
Oh - congratulations
This is your Haitian divorce

99 cinco. Lister live!

Thursday Morning with London's David Katz

DJL: David Katz, how are you this morning in London Eengland?

DK: Good morning Lister.

DJL: Good to hear you. What is the temperature? what is the climate like?

DK: Strangely the sun has come out. This is a relief because we have been having torrential rain. It has been very cold here. It doesn't feel like August. It feels more like late September.

DJL: Amazing! We have David Katz, as our guest on Burn Baby Burn, here at 99 cinco, WBAI at ten minutes after four o'clock. He can be heard on Burn Baby Burn every Thursday, except when he is unavailable. On behalf of everyone here at WBAI, 99 cinco and Burn Baby Burn, I welcome and thank David for G I V E to WBAI dot or-gy. Give much as you can, (516) 620-3602, which incidentally is David's social security number (compliments of Equifax). This current beggathon has been very successful. I guess, it just gets us read y for the next time around when we have to do this all over again. You, dear listener, has to be the one to step up and do the heavy lifting to keep this rhadio station going. Otherwise, you not gonna hear another word from David Katz.

DK:Yeah! that is the thing about public sponsored radio. It really does rely on you the listener. Its great when everybody steps up to the plate, because that keeps Lister live at 99.5 and keeps all those alternative news as well as views coming your way. Without it [public radio], all you can rely on is fake news and propaganda. So, keep it [public radio] ticking over.

DJL: Indeed ... . What is happening on the front page of The Guardian this morning? Politically, what is happening in London this morning> I see there is a political uprising in a place called Hong Kon. I love the Bruce Lee tactics. This is what I don't understand in imperialist USA. When people come out to protest, they don't come well prepared, like the protesters in Hong Kong and other places, such as Korea, Germany. Demonstrators in these places, including Hong Kong, are serious. They implement effective strategies that work. For example, we are using the Bruce Lee tactics. We will fold like water so that when the opressor lieas about what we are doing, we fold like water and reappear somewhere else. I love the concept. The pigs busted one protesters eyes. The HK demonstrators took that and said an eye for an eye. It [HK protest evolution] is interesting, isn't it

DK: Yes. but they have got to take that approach over there because you can see the repression that the authorities are doing. Its just becoming an authoritarian tendency. so the people are, as you say. A woman faces losing an eye and these are people just demanding their rights. Essentially, they don't want to be swallowed up and lose the freedoms that they already have, what little freedoms they have left.

DJL: So what are the people doing in London? How come you are not joining them and shutting down the system?

DK:I'd say right here, right now, the system is shutting itself down. It is just in complete chaos. It's like reading some kind of trashy airport thriller novel. You just don't know where all these twists and turns in the plot are going. So, they are hitting us left right and center in the face because they [UK government in power] are just making it up as they go along. This is the problem that is associated with the vagaries of British politics.

DJL: Let me try to pull up The Guardian to see whats the propaganda.

Labour MPs opposed to a second referendum are considering a “radical and dramatic intervention” to make clear to Jeremy Corbyn and Boris Johnson they are prepared to vote for a Brexit deal, with one estimating that dozens of colleagues are now ready to back the withdrawal agreement [14 August 2019].
This is the opinion of labour MP Stephen Kinnock, espousing views like those of the Respect the Result movement. What the hell is that? Is that from a bad Trump novel?

DK: Everybody has their own take on this. that is both inside the House of Commons and outside, not to mention the House of Lords. Everybody has their own spin on what is the way forward to try and stave off total meltdown of the basic economy and indeed the British state itself. there are some that feel that if Brexit goes ahead then Scotland is going to have its referendum and may pull out of Britain, and you know Britain, the United Kingdom would disunite. So there are some who are saying avoid a nod deal Brexit at all costs. there are some who are saying a no deal Brexit is still better than Brexit and exercise the will of the people. Some are saying it tot to be the deal that Teresa May dredged up that everybody rejected at the time. then there are going to be enough Tory rebels to knockout a no deal Brexit and defeat it. There may not be enough for that bus some sort of temporary coalition could be made to knock out Boris Johnson.avoid a no deal Brexit then call an election. Some people are opposed to Jeremy Corbyn as a "caretaker' prime minister or temporary PM. It is complicated, messy and unsolvable. Just not yet clear what the next step is and what is the likely result or the way out of this mess. Meanwhile, the pound is drastically plummeting to new lows..

DJL: The capitalist economic sign of a global slowdown that has been speeded up with the tariff wars, invented, created and put out by the imperialist juggernaut, El Trumpo. Signs of a global economic slowdown roiled the market on Wednesday. Shares dived and investors freaked out. The stock market went down.

DK: The stock market has been very nervous about the uncertainty and some specific events in the far east as well as over here.

DJL: David Katz, the recession is here, December 31 to January 1st, big time. Ain't no turning back.

DK:We just had your national security adviser John Bolton, over here.

DJL: Did you lock him up? What an opportunity. That would have been< a great idea. He is talking about this is a marvelous opportunity for Britain to sign a trade deal. Dub trade deal.

DK: What is this guy doing over here> He is not the trade secretary. What kinds of terms is that going to be? Presumably it will not be favorable terms for Britain.

DJL: Its crazy! They [USA]] are in the middle of a recession. The whole situation is madness, a joke. Really sad!

DK: I don't know what to tell you. Everybody that is trying to mitigate the damage is trying to rally their own troops to stave off a no deal Brexit or Brexit at any cost. there is no unity on this thing. Complete chaos. It looks like the first week in September will be crunch time over here, when parliament returns from their summer recess. there will be a short space of time between the return and the new, latest Brexit date of Halloween. Those opposed to a no deal Brexit will have to seize the mantle to do whatever they can to stop the default position.

DJL: That's trick or treat. On Halloween day will you dress up as the triple monster, double headed thin, one BJ and the other Trump?

DK: No. I think I will dress as a giant United Kingdom costume that would be a massive leaking balloon or a sinking ship. I would be Britain as the Titanic. A lot can happen between now and then. It [the outcome] is impossible to predict at this point.

There was another defection from the Tories over to the Lib Dems. The Lib Dems [silent appendage of the Tory party by coalition] are the only party saying no to Brexit and hold another referendum The new leader of the Lib Dems [Jo Swinson] said Jeremy Corbyn is a Brexiteer so I am not going to form any alliance with him. She says my other colleagues in Labour who want the UK to remain in the EU, I am OK with them. The Lib Dems are gaining some bits of power, I don't know if that is the correct word, credibility and popularity, I guess you could say. But is there going o be enough there between what Lib Dems are in office, the Tory rebels and those of Labour who remain, by distance from the leader of Labour? How it is going to pan out I really don't know.

DJL: we are speaking to David Karz, guest on Burn Baby Burn, vingte-quattro, twenty-four minutes, minuto, after 4 o'clock. Burn the imperialist red, white and blue until 5 o'clock. Democracy Now, more than ever, starring Amy Goodman, Juan Gonzalez keeping you totally politicized right here at your favorite radio station , 99.5 FM, Pacifica Radio at its very best. We do thank you for supporting us. The fundraiser was supportive as we look forward to the next one. David Katz, London, England, guest of Burn Baby Burn.

DK: there is a large Muslim Kashmiri community here, who are not happy about the changes in Kashmir. It is seen as part of Modi's nationalist agenda, sort of Hinduist agenda. It s volatile and problematic.

DJL: Musically, what else is happening in London?

DK: We just had Llyodie Coxsone at the Ritzy last night. LLoydie Coxsone Outernational, one of the longest running sound systems in the UK, pioneering and champion sound from south London. That was quite a night. We are in the Reggae Geel lineup

Nice festival as it always is. They just celbrated their 40th year last yeasr (2018). For the fotyfirst edition this year, a lot of people came to see Buju Banton on the main stage. You also had Beenie Man, Kumar, former lead singer of Raging Fyah and now embarking on his solo career.

DJL: About Buju Banton, did any gay rights people come out and demonstrate?

DK: No. He made a statement not that long ago. I am sure you saw it after his release where he was saying that he will not perform Boom Boom Bye Bye any more. It is something he did a long time ago and he is aware now of the damage that it did not only to people from the gay community but also to himself and his own career. There was no offensive or inflammatory statements or speech made.

DJL: Lets see if he evolves and how quickly he evolves from his former position. That statement is a start.

DK: For me personally, to be fair, he served his time. When he was inside, he got a degree so it sounds he gave some thought ... there had to be an evolution during those ten years. Since coming out, he is back to with the management of Donovan Germaine, who is steering him and guiding his career. I there is room for evolution. He had performed at Summer Jam in Germany. everyone was raving about that show, glowing reports, as well as when he performed in Jamaica. From my perspective in the audience at that performance, the band was super tight and the backing vocals were engaged. Buju himself looked uncomfortable. For most of the set he didn't really engage much with the audience. He wa looking down a lot of the time. I wondered if it was a re-adjustment thing or environment of the night. The set was up and down. the order of the songs was confusing., mixing and blending between the Rasta era Buju and the abashment era Buju. It didn't have continuity. However, when Marcia Griffiths came out and joined him on duet a couple of tracks, it really raised the energy to higher heights and things were really back on track in the later part of the set. It was quite a long set in the headlining slot.

DJL: I guess he is under a lot of pressure. All the things you said and the psychological experience of being in prison, out of prison. He probably has mixed feelings about performing, which he internalizes.

DK: You can imagine if you've been in prison for 10 years, pushed into that at the height of your career, then you return to playing stadium gigs before thousands of screaming fans. It is a little disconcerting.

DJL: He is probably not paranoid but suspicious about some of his handlers.

DK: there was a lot of security during his set. The photo pit was cleared. That space was empty in case there was any incident such as anybody trying to get onstage. At one point there was someone trying to get onstage. He was removed from that photo pit. You could see it was a tense moment.

DJL: OK. Woodstock NY, what is going on there, dried up and disappeared? What is the thinking behind this Woodstock thing?

DK: they already failed with an earlier attempt. It takes a lot to stage a festival. People get tempted by the money that can be made but there is a lot of money that can be lost.

DJL: That's true. The majority of the groups, the lineup, was not that stimulating.

DK: The original Woodstock was a movement

DJL: It was cutting edge, a movement. There were groups that were about to breakout whether you supported them or not.

DK: The excitement was palpable. Even if you had no feelings.

DJL: This time around, no there are no reggae groups on the lineup. The organizer is a reggaehead. He was managing Joe Cocker. Hanging out with Lister as Compass Point Studio he talked about his favorite reggae groups. but as you said, there are many factors and converging forces.

DK: Over here, in the height of summer there are two music festivals that were canceled at short notice, just because of the weather. In Britain, you can never count on warm weather or dry weather. Severe weather warnings were in place. They had to pull the plug.

DJL: david Katz here, from London england. You can hear him live, here, each Thursday, 3:00 AM to 5:00 AM, on the show Burn Baby Burn. The only flag burning show in the entire world as well as the imperialist red white and blue. As you can see around the globe people are coming to their common sense realizing there are absolutely no winner under capitalism. If someone will lie about tariffs and tell you that tariffs will not affect you, when the tariffs are killing you, how can you win under capitalism?

DK: You are indeed right. A very uncaring system, a me first system built into its DNA.

DJL: This is the best it can offer. the whole world is capitalist at this time. there are no contradictions here, why there are no winners under capitalism.

DK: You have a few variants here and there. the Chinese went from being communist to some kind of hypercapitalist.

DJL: China went to state capitalism with no apology.

DK:State enforced capitalism.

DJL: Venezuela is accused of having a socialist economy, which is a lie. the who lied most about Venezuela's economy is the same guy who said "No tariffs on Toys. I am not lying now. I know I lied about the tariffs not hurting you because you are stupid and would believe any lie that I tell you. However, please believe me this time because I am telling you the truth. No tariffs on toys." why should he be believed?

DK: speaking of untruths, what is Lister's prediction for the 2020 election?

DJL:No Joe Biden. Pre-emptive strike on Jo biden. they have to get rid of those Negroes in the these Negro churches who prop up this flawed candidate, Joe Biden. It is nonsense to support someone who gives legitimacy to twelve states that repealed Roe vs. Wade. There are the twelve states that still believe in Jim Crow. These Negroes who go to these negro churches are the Negroes who support Joe Biden. If not for them, he would have take two steps to the left and disappeared just like Gilbert Bailey in new York City. The prediction is this. If the democratic party, that still has no political credibility, doesn't come together with a coalition that makes sense to the populace, Elizbeth Warren comes out on top and Pete Buttigieg comes in second, they should form a coalition for the presidential presidential ticket. Forget about sabotaging Bernie Sanders. The lack of political credibility for the democratic party is killing them. the killer on the opposing side is El Trumpo, genius for lying, lying about the economy when there is a recession that he has sped up, his version of NAFTA, tariff wars. He might lose by default and the democrats might win by mistake. That is my prediction.

DK:Who do you think will be the democratic candidate? I understand Joe biden, but who?

DJL: I will answer that question next week. It might be Elizabeth who is tweaking capitalism and Pete Buttigieg.

DK: Lets watch this space.

DJL: I am not in the prediction business. I am not Al Roker and I am not religious. I just deal with the reality of the scientific facts at hand. recession is coming. It has been speeded up. anything else in the news before we disappear?

DK: Labour Party dredging up Theresa May's deal because that has to be better than Brexit, one big mess. Its all about the Brexit chaos.

DJL: Why is Putin playing around with this nuclear missile that is a failure? Why is Trump lying that his nuclear missile work? They are both lying to fool the world. This is a dumb concept.

DK: Speaking of dumb concepts and nuclear, Britain is building this nuclear power plant, overbudget and behind schedule, costing &poumd;20 billion. That is madness. Another nail in Britain's financial coffin.

DJL: Why not take 10% of that money and throw it on the massacre where people were trapped in that towering inferno. Is there any progress from that disaster?

DK: It has just been reported today that a number of the survivors from that disaster have been housed in flats that are high fire risks.

DJL: Ridiculous. David Katz, we are running out of time here. It is 45 minutes after 4:00 AM, quarter to five. Only fifteen minutes more to burn the imperialist red white and blue. When is your book coming out?

DK: That is a good question. Stay in touch,, tk for total knockout or facebook/dubmealways. Otherwise, just stay tuned to Lister Live, 99.5 WBAI, tune in and turn up.

DJL: How is Koffee doing on the British pop charts? Has she toured Europe?

DK: She has some summer gigs. Last ear she made a big impression. She is on the upswing, someone to watch. Lila Iké is also causing a stir. Roots Sunsplash Rototom starts this Friday and runs for one week (August 16 - 22, 2019))

DJL: Little bit of Koffee for David Katz.

DK: I will be at Rototom next week so I won't be back until the week after (August 29, 2019)

DJL: I am looking forward to a full report on Rototom

Rapture Koffee featuring Govana

Koffee come in like a rapture
Everybody get capture
Place lift up like helicopter
When dem see the lyrical contractor