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Wha Gwan 122021

Mikey "Mao" Chung: 1950 - 2021

An email was my only indicator that Mikey "Mao" Chung had died. I had tried to call Mikey several times and got no response. I am so sad. Our last meeting was in the fall of 2018, NYC PopUp: Dolby SOHO, Islands 60th anniversary

From: David Katz; author, documentary producer and DJ
To: ClappersP, Tony White 12-28-2021
RIP Mikey Chung
Sad to wake up to this news
Mikey Mao Chung

Mikey was a reggae legend His legacy as a a keyboard, guitar and percussion player, arranger and record producer of Jamaican music remind us of his artistry.

Mikey played lead guitar in several groups, Compass Point All Stars, Kingston All-Stars, The Minstrels, The Now Generation, The Virtues, Word, Sound And Power.

Mikey Chung.
RIP, brother.
Although you are gone, your catalog of distinctive harmonies will never be forgotten.