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Wha Gwan 072019

NOLA Music Legend, Art "Poppa Funk" Neville, 81 years

Lister is so sad. I knew him  and the rest of the family when CB signed the Meters to Island Records.

Art Neville is a legendary keyboardist and singer, who co-founded the Meters and the Neville Brothers. His signature recording is Mardi Gras Mambo, NOLA carnival anthem. Other recordings of note include Yellow Moon, Brothers Keeper and Look a Py Py. In 2018, Neville received a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award for his significant contributions to the recording industry.

More Breaking News:

The First Reggae Marathon in the World started the first Year WUSB Radio in Stony Brook Long Island N.Y. went from 820 AM to 90.1 FM and that's Fact.

The 27th is pure Fake News is this another reason why Lister is MIA 4DRM-2019? Reggae Fans want to know...

The station began in 1962 as a carrier current station, broadcasting only within the confines of the then-new Stony Brook campus on 820 kHz on the AM band. The station was, at the time, an integral part of Stony Brook University's once-lively concert scene... which brought such bands and acts Bad Brains, Island Record's MyKal Rose Black Uhuru, Steel Pulse, Gil Scott-Heron, L.K.J., InI Kamozie, Clappers Record's Jack Ruby Hi-Power, Eddy Grant, Simon and Garfunkel, Thelonious Monk, The Grateful Dead (in their first-ever East Coast concert appearance), Jimi Hendrix, The Doors, Jefferson Airplane, Arlo Guthrie, Joni Mitchell, Janis Joplin, the Allman Brothers Band, Pink Floyd, Van Morrison, The Who, Jethro Tull (band), Cat Stevens, Hot Tuna , Santana, Stony Brook's own Blue Oyster Cult, the Beach Boys, Frank Zappa, Billy Joel, Bob Marley and the Wailers, Jerry Garcia. Many of these musicians paid a visit to the station as well. In its earliest days, the studios were located in a "hole in the ground" in the Pritchard Gymnasium, before relocating to another cramped space in the basement of one of the dormitories, James College.

In 1965, SUNY mandated that all of its campus radio stations across the state make the transition to FM, as part of its master plan for the university system... However, the FCC overruled WBAU's objections in 1976, and granted WUSB a license to begin broadcasting in 1977.

At the time, WUSB was Long Island's most powerful non-commercial radio station, putting out 4,000 watts of power, primarily covering central Suffolk County. The station signed on as an FM station for the first time on June 27, 1977, at 5:30 in the afternoon.

It was on the 31st December 1977 The Lister Hewan-Lowe single handedly pioneered the Planets Earth's first and only Reggae Marathon (Lister used to call the RM The Summer Reggae Thong For Fun) thus giving birth to the word Reggae Thon (pronounced Reggaton and Reggaeton), which became in Stony Brook Long Island and then NYC ReggaeTon aka Reggaeton and the rest is historical fact.

With the First (with only one person on air i.e. Lister for the 24 Hrs. non-stop Lister! Live) "Lister! Live 1DRM-1977 45 R.P.M Shout Out" a.k.a. strictly non repeat vinyl 45 r.p.m. Reggae Dub-Play 1977; and it's massive WUSB radio ratings and reggae success. Lister again repeated his act with his one person RM (reggae Marathon). This time he did it for 48 Hrs. "Strictly non repeat Reggae 45 r.p.m Lister! Live 2DRM-1978", then the "78 Hrs. Lister! Live 3DRM-1979" (by himself; strictly non repeat vinyl Reggae and Reggae Dub) and then the Ultimate 4-DRM-1979 and the rest is history.

Lister broke rank with 42nd Annual WUSB 4DRM in protest in 2019... Is this the End?

It's not 27 years, it's 42 years WUSB has be doing the RM, again the current WUSB organizers are sadly revisionist.

Breaking News: Lister MIA at WUSB's 4DRM-2019

This is the very first time ... at 12 Noon, Saturday 6th July 2019, that Lister Hewan-Lowe was M.I.A. from WUSB'S 27th Annual 4DRM (Four Day Reggae Marathon), at the University of Stony Brook, L.I., N.Y.

Lister Hewan-Lowe for the very first time boycotted this year’s 2019 WUSB 90.1 FM 4DRM, aka the 27th Annual Reggae Marathon 2019. Lister, all in the name of PRIDE as in LGBTQ RegGAY Pride ... and in the name of defenseless children at the US - Mexico border, who are currently being unjustly separated (and tortured) from their parents as refugees, due to years of unchanged US political foreign policy.

Lister: I asked that this year’s WUSB reggae organizers publicly, on WUSB 90.1FM Stony Brook, Long Island N.Y., and on Pacifica's WBAI-99.5 FM N.Y.; that the 4 Day WUSB 2019 Reggae Marathon be on the right side of History and come clean to the defense of the refuges on the US - Mexico border and to the defense of all LGBTQ Humans in the world and in the world of reggae music. The WUSB's 4DRM-2019 must pressure the world of reggae music to stop being reactionary and become the voice of the voiceless LGBTQ Humans and the refugee families at the US - Mexico border on the planet earth. The WUSB 4DRM organizers took no action, nor did the On-Air participants.

Thus, Lister states: I am not dead or sick. I see no reason to show up and be a part of this meaningless nonsense, period. The participants have blatantly by design betrayed the rationale of the WUSB 4DRM. Lister WUSB 90.1FM Stony Brook L.I. NY / BBB Clappers Pacifica Radio WBAI-99.5FM NY, USA.

Twenty-Seventh Annual Summer Reggae Marathon

Roll out those lazy crazy hazy days of summer ... It’s that time of year as we celebrate our twenty-seventh annual Summer  Reggae Marathon on our trend setting WUSB 90.1 FM, Stonybrook.  Thanks to all our staffers, student managers and the general manager for all the help and support over the years. The Reggae Marathon starts at  8:00 pm, July 4th and ends on July 7th at 12 midnight into July 8th. Chris LaPorta (The Bayou broadcast at 8 PM Thursday) is the first DJ who will be featured. Summer time is always a warm reggae island time as our community will celebrate July 4th weekend with WUSB 90.1 FM, Stonybrook

Now, about that first Reggae Marathon ... What started as a joke, ran for a weekend, then for four days, then a week; and the rest is history.

2019 Summer Groove Tour

The Summer Groove Tour, featuring the militant dub sounds of the toughest reggae combo, has been underway since May 31. Mykal Rose as well as Sly and Robbie (de riddim twins) with Reggae Angels have already done shows in California, Nevada, Denver, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon and Idaho. There are only a few show dates left. Lloyd Parks, on bass, is filling in for Robbie Shakespeare, whose health issues preclude his appearance.
Jul 1 Zenbarn, Waterbury Center, VT
Jul 2 La Fabrica Boston, MA
Jul 3 Toads Place, New Haven, CT

You nuh got advance ticket, you nuh have a chance to be at this live event.


Jun 15, 2019 5:00 pm
Greetings Mr. Hewan-Lowe, 
 InI have been listening to your radio show, online, from Cali-for-Nyah. I took a seminar with you, on Reggae Music, at UCLA, back in about 1978! You  demonstrated how to SKANK! It was UNforgettable! Best seminar of my whole education!!! Just wanted to send my thanks, apprecilove, and some good nostalgic memories, to warm your heart and soul.
Harambe' Huntington Beach, South of L.A.